LDT Projects and Work

Below you will find a collection of my projects completed during the Learning, Design, and Technology Masters Program at Georgetown University. The process of collecting all my projects to upload to this site not only made me realize the sheer about of topics and knowledge we were introduced to, but also made it really easy to see trends throughout the projects. Throughout the program I was drawn towards projects that had themes of community, equity, medical education, and reflection. To be able to have this site serve as a space to drawn connections is really helpful.

The Horizon Report

The Horizon Report is an annual report by Educause which discusses the changing landscape, trends, and emerging technologies in education and learning. We were tasked with developing our own Horizon Report centered around a topic of our choice. I decided to dive deeper into the learning experience for students.

Problem Kit

This report was meant to serve as a “problem/resource kit” for the issue: how to be an effective leader for equity in education, particularly for mid-level administrators and faculty leaders. The kit discusses barriers, threshold concepts and has a few case studies on effective leaders for equity.

Creative Process Annotation

In my Creativity and Design course, we were given the task to find a creative outlet and then write an annotation about the process. I used paint chips and the colors they provide to guide the process of creating a personal journal. I used this journal as a method for reflection and trying to reconnect with my creative side which I had been a bit distant from in the past couple of years. The annotation talks through the process and what I got out of it.

How To Project

In my Creativity and Design course, we had the chance to create our own “How To” resource. Needlepointing is something that my mother has done since I was little and have always wanted to try, so this was the perfect excuse for me to learn more about it and have the chance to start practicing.

Facilitation Paper

The one course that I took outside of the LDT Program was a facilitation course. Caitlin Salins took the class with me and we were able to focus our final report on facilitations that occur in higher education settings and how to best navigate this process. We also were able to interview two leaders in facilitation in higher education to gain their perspectives on the topic.

Predicting the Future of Medical School: A Scenario

In my Studies in Higher Education course, we studied higher ed as an institution and all of the parts and systems of a university. For our final presentation, we had the opportunity to create a higher ed institution based in the future. I decided to rethink how the entire education system for medicine could be redesigned.

Evidence of Learning Project

For our Learning Analytics Class, our final project was to use R to make sense of large quantities of data. I took the opportunity to dive deeper in some of the data that we use in Office of Admissions. I specifically looked to find if there was any correlation between State, GPA, MCAT, and Gender in the applications we invite to come for an interview.

Learning Engagement Project

For my Learning Engagement Project, I designed a class seminar for a class I took while attending Georgia Tech. This class was Business in the Healthcare Sector. Most students taking this class either are Pre-Med or planning on going into healthcare from the business side. I designed a class to help them spend time focusing on their degree pathways and bringing in panels as well.

EdX Course Redesign Project

For this Learning Analytics project, I decided to use the size of cohorts in a MOOC to analyze if smaller groups increased students performance in the class.